Male Enhancement Pills Report Predicts: Further Growing Global Demand for Sexual Enhancement Supplements Market for the Next 5 Years

Male Enhancement Pills Report

In the upcoming 5 years, the global sexual male enhancement pills market is expected to see a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of over 9% during the forecast period 2019-2023, according to the latest market research conducted by Technavio. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is – sadly enough – prevalent even among younger men and will cause further market growth over the forecast period.

More and more men choose the easy route and swallow pills

Health-related risk factors such as arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, depression, and use of alcohol are common symptoms in our modern day society. They can cause and aggravate sexual problems in both men and women. In their despair, more and more individuals choose to swallow sexual enhancement supplements.

Lifestyle and nutrition as root causes

Unhealthy lifestyles, bad nutrition choices and stress factors lead to health-related risk factors such as diabetes, testosterone deficiency, prostate cancer, obesity, and hypertension. These common symptoms have increased the prevalence of erectile dysfunction alarmingly even among younger men. The consumption of certain chemical medicines and products has further increased impotence. Because they have not been educated about how to unleash their big, innate, natural sexual potency with natural methods, many men drive the demand for sexual enhancement supplements – which often times come with considerable risks and side effects.

North America and Europe leading consumers of sexual enhancement pills

North America is among the strongest growing countries in demand for sexual enhancement supplements. Studies show that there is a huge number of individual patients with sexual dysfunction problems in the region. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are also very prevalent among men aged between 45 to 60 years of age in Europe. Moreover, consumers in these regions dispose of good incomes and are aware of the possibility of using sexual enhancement supplements. These factors are expected to drive market growth over the next five years with more and more men swallowing pills before (aiming at) having sex.

Horrendous Risks and Side Effects

Chemical pills like Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis, Levitra etc. are known to have a very long list of side effects and potentially very harmful risks that can mess with a body’s cardiovascular system and cause serious problems.

But also products that are believed to be 100% ‘natural’ often times contain undeclared ingredients, that are even more harmful than the above mentioned chemical drugs.

Better solutions

It is commonly known that male enhancement pills can have horrendous risk and a very long list of detrimental side effects. Fewer people know, that aging does not have to lead necessarily to certain physical changes in both men and women, including their sexual performance. The natural state of a man is that of having a big, natural potency being able to have strong erections – even into advanced old age. There are foods that promote vascular health and can even reduce high blood pressure and contribute to a strong big potency in a natural way. More and more people awaken to this healthy lifestyle and truth and discover how to unleash their full potential and true masculinity and virility – without needing to secretly swallow a pill in the bathroom before having sex.

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